Trust Global Solutions offers you the possibility to buy used or new sea freight containers for different purposes such as:

  • shipper’s own container (S.O.C.)
  • multipurpose container
  • habitable container

Shipper’s own container

Our second hand containers are in perfect conditions CW guaranteed which means cargo worthy, in other words, wind and water tight and with a valid CSC (Container Safety Convention) and valid prefix registered with BIC (Bureau International des Conteneurs) suitable for transport by road, rail and sea.

  • No dependence on equipment availability in ports or depots
  • Less costs on inland charges
  • Flexibility, you decide who you ship with
  • Discount on shipping rates (in some cases)
  • Lack of demurrages and detentions


  • Sourcing second hand or new container
  • Initial investment
  • Ensuring suitability
  • Arranging your own inland transports

Multipurpose container

Due to their robustness, transportability and price, these units are widely used to store all kinds of tools, goods or other objects. We can offer you just the container, or if you prefer, also organize its transportation and the discharge with crane if required at the point of unloading

Habitable container

These bright offices made with maritime containers reach the highest standards of comfort and efficiency in a in an low cost segment without competition. Functionality, comfort, sustainability, durability, mobility are only a few of their features.

If you are looking for something really different, this proposal might interest you. Please, just give us a call or contact us at and we’ll be happy to advise you.